Pete Alonso is the Superstar the Mets Desperately Need

In New York, it’s crucial to have a superstar player. The Islanders have Mathew Barzal, the Rangers have Henrik Lundqvist, and the Yankees have Aaron Judge. When you have a star player, you demand respect from the metropolis that is New York City. The Mets have not had a real star player since Mike Piazza in the early 2000s. David Wright and Yoenis Cespedes were these superstars the Mets wanted, but only for short periods before injuries took their toll. However, it looks like the New York Mets have their guy in Pete Alonso.

Pete Alonso is the best player, offensively, on the Mets by a large margin. He leads the team in WAR, HRs, RBIs, and extra base hits. He’s third in the MLB in home runs and is a polarizing figure on the field. Alonso even tied Mark McGwire’s rookie record of 19 home runs before June 1st. Alonso has quickly established himself as a fan favorite in Flushing with his impressive offensive ability. Every time it seems the Mets are having a bad day at the plate, Alonso hits a home run and carries the weight of the team’s offense.

In New York, you need to have a star player to keep your team in the news. There are so many sports teams in the tri-state area; it’s easy for the Mets to get lost in the shuffle. Since the Mets have been ridiculously mediocre, except for their World Series run in 2015, they haven’t given their fans much to cheer for. David Wright looked like he could carry the Mets torch with five straight all-star game appearances from 2006-2010, but he was unable to stay on the field for more than 134 games once he turned 30 years old. Yoenis Cespedes didn’t even look human when he led the Mets to the National League pennant. After getting traded from the Detroit Tigers, Cespedes hit seventeen home runs and was the centerpiece of a magical playoff run. However, after signing a 4-year deal worth 110 million dollars, Cespedes was no longer the same player as he too faced injuries. Whenever it seemed like the Mets finally found their superstar, they were never able to stay on the field.


I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Pete Alonso is different because who knows, Alonso could face an extensive injury history throughout his career. Nevertheless, Alonso looks like a perennial all-star in the MLB. At the age of 24, Alonso is doing things that we just haven’t seen from a Mets rookie. If all goes to plan, Alonso can continue to develop and become one of the young faces of baseball. I don’t want to get too excited because weird things seem to happen in Flushing, but it appears like Pete Alonso is the superstar the Mets desperately needed.


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