Potential Trade Options for the Yankees

The Yankees are in a position to make the postseason this year, and with some more pitching help, they could win it all. The Yankees have many highly touted players that they may be willing to give up for a pitcher who could help in the championship push. With Clint Frazier almost certainly being traded, the Yankees will try to trade for a game-changing pitcher. The Yankees can not go into the postseason with CC or Happ being their middle of the rotation guys. 

First, the Yankees should consider trading for Matthew Boyd. Boyd is having a breakout year with a Skill-Interactive ERA at a 3.17 and his fastball spin is in the 83rd percentile. The only problem with Boyd is that the Tigers have already stated they want a very steep return and have asked the Yankees about Gleyber Torres, who should be untouchable. So it will have to be seen if the Yankees want to overpay for Boyd.

Another pitcher the Yankees should consider trading for is Trevor Bauer. Bauer has not pitched as well as he did in 2018. Coming off of a season in which he had a Skill-Interactive ERA of 3.21, Bauer has underperformed with a Skill-Interactive ERA of  4.20. Bauer will probably still be expensive due to his 2018 year and the fact that he hasn’t been horrible this year. If Bauer is officially put on the market, many teams will be after him which could drive his price up.

The last pitcher that could be a very good trade target for the Yankees is Marcus Stroman. Stroman might be the cheapest out of all the pitchers because he has gotten worse every year for Skill-Interactive ERA. Although many fans may not use this type of ERA system, almost all scouts and GM’s use it to grade pitchers. They use this because it gives the pitchers a more accurate evaluation which is solely based off of their pitching. This year Stroman has a 4.48 Skill-Interactive ERA and he is in the 87th percentile for fastball spin. Stroman would also be a fan favorite because he is from New York, and is very familiar with the area. In my opinion Stroman is one of the better options for the Yankees to look into.

If the Yankees could trade for at least one of these pitchers, they will be true contenders. The need for a top-of-the-line starting pitcher is great due to Luis Severino’s questionable timetable for return. If Brian Cashman is able to pull of a trade for one of these pitchers, the Yankees will be a real threat come playoff time.


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