Three Things the Yankees Need to do to be Successful in the Postseason

The Yankees will be in the postseason this year, but just making the playoffs isn’t the goal for this team. They’re here to win it all. If the Yankees pitching improves, get some key players off the IL, and finalize their postseason roster, then they will have a very good chance to win their 28th championship in franchise history.

The first main objective is making sure players come back from injury and stay healthy. Many players have been injured this season, such as Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez, Giancarlo Stanton, and many others. If the Yankees can bring some of these players back and play like they did before getting hurt, they will be able to have much more flexibility when making the lineup card. Mike Tauchman, Dellin Betances, and Aaron Hicks are already ruled out for the postseason. Betances is probably the biggest loss for the Yankees as he is arguably, the best reliever in baseball when healthy. Hicks is a swiss army knife in the outfield, but there are many options for Aaron Boone to turn to in Judge, Stanton, Gardner, Frazier, Maybin, etc. The Yankees have faced injury adversity all year, but it’s crucial to get some of these guys back to make a World Series run. 


Another key for the Yankees is to get Luis Severino back to his normal self. Severino has been one of the best pitchers in baseball, coming in the top-10 in American League Cy Young voting the last two seasons. Due to injury, Severino might be on a pitch count until the playoffs. He’s only pitched two games thus far and has not exceeded 5 innings of work in each of those games. The Yankees will need a completely healthy Severino in the playoffs, so they won’t have to keep him on a pitch count. Most World Series teams have that ace that can pitch a shut-out game when the season is on the line. While James Paxton is an excellent pitcher, a full Severino is by far the Yankees best pitcher.


Lastly, the Yankees will need to figure out their postseason roster. With Tauchman and Hicks not returning this season, the Yankees will be faced with a decision who they will have on their bench. With an outfield of Stanton, Gardner, and Judge they will need a fourth outfielder. Aaaron Boone has two likely choices he will turn to to provide that extra outfielder coming off the bench. The first option could be Cameron Maybin. Maybin was acquired earlier this season from Cleveland to fill a hole in the lineup due to injuries. Maybin has been very good with the bat this season, with a 118 WRC+. However, he has been about average defensively and in the postseason, defensive mistakes are huge. Maybin was a good pickup for the Yankees in the regular season, but he isn’t the most reliable player. Another option for Boone is Tyler Wade. Wade has been pretty good since being called up a few weeks ago, Wade’s hitting has improved and he can play many different positions. Wade is a great baserunner, he isn’t as good a hitter as Maybin. I expect the Yankees to turn to Cameron Maybin to be their guy off the bench since he’s the better hitter and has postseason experience with the Astros.

The Yankees are one of the favorites to win the 2019 World Series, but for everything to go to plan, the Yankees need a healthy roster, a stellar Luis Severino, and a strong bench. Do you think the Yankees have a chance to win it all?


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