The Adam Gase Era is Over


The Adam Gase era is over, well, at least it should be. The New York Jets abysmal season was capped off with a loss to the Miami Dolphins, who are a team PURPOSELY trying to lose. Adam Gase has only been the head coach of the Jets for eight games, but it’s been 8 games too many. It’s time that the Jets cut their losses and start off fresh with a different coach in the offseason.

Adam Gase was brought in as the 18th head coach in the Jets franchise history. He was heralded as a quarterback whisper, someone that could get the best out of Sam Darnold. Peyton Manning gave his stamp of approval, and even though Gase had a lackluster tenure with the Dolphins as their head coach, he was given a second chance with the Jets. Incredibly, the “QB whisperer” can’t even teach his potential franchise quarterback to not attempt an underhanded lob pass with numerous defenders in the vicinity. The “QB whisperer” couldn’t put together an offensive game plan that could average more than 12 PPG either. Yes, Sam Darnold was out for three of those games, but look at teams like the New Orleans Saints or Kansas City Chiefs. When both of their future hall-of-fame quarterbacks went down with injuries, they were able to create game plans that would put their players in the best position possible. Andy Reid was able to create a winning formula that consisted of Matt Moore having a high completion percentage while giving their superstar playmakers the ability to get into open space and make plays. Adam Gase could have relied on Le’Veon Bell and utilized the play-action pass to get Jamison Crowder and Robby Anderson out-wide with room to run. Unfortunately, every game with Darnold out was a complete and utter dumpster fire. They were unable to average 100 yards per game against mediocre defenses (excluding New England).

Yesterday’s game against the Miami Dolphins was the perfect example of how poorly run this Jets team is. The Dolphins are intentionally trying to lose games for the best chance at the #1 overall pick at the 2020 NFL Draft. They’ve been shipping every player with considerable value for draft picks, and they are locked in a 3-way race for the top pick with Cincinnati and Washington. The Jets should have walked out of Hard Rock Stadium with a double-digit win. Even with an injury-riddled offensive line, Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell were expected to crush the Dolphins defense. The Dolphins defensive line had the second least amount of sacks in the NFL, and they were able to provide constant pressure on Darnold, forcing turnovers and sacking him five times. The Jets had the ball with about three minutes to go and down by 11. They should have been pushing the ball downfield, and when the wide receivers could not get out of bounds, Gase would call a timeout. However, the Jets were calling short passing routes in the middle of the field, which caused the clock to run. Every coach in the NFL would call a timeout to preserve time in the final moments of the game, except Adam Gase. With all three timeouts remaining, Gase did not call a single one until the Dolphins were in victory formation.

This loss to the Dolphins was one of the worst in Jets franchise history, which says a lot considering this franchise is accustomed to losing. It’s only been nine weeks into Adam Gase’s first season as the Jets head coach, but it’s his time to be kicked to the curb. The only reason why he shouldn’t be canned at this point in the season is if the Jets are tanking.

Hey Gase, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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