It’s Joe Douglas’ Time

As the 2019 trade deadline came to a close on October 29th at 4:00pm, Jets fans everywhere were still trying to grasp what had just happened.  The night prior to the deadline, the Jets dealt defensive lineman Leonard Williams to the Giants in exchange for a 2020 3rd round pick and a 2021 5th round pick.  After a successful first two years in the NFL for Williams, which included a Pro Bowl selection in 2016, the last two years have been nothing short of disappointment.  With Williams’ rookie contract set to expire at the end of this year, and the Jets having no intention of extending him, a trade was imminent. The Giants provided their best offer and new GM Joe Douglas took it.

After the dumpster fire that was Mike Maccagnan’s general manager term, Joe Douglas is looking to put faith back into the sunken hearts of fans. With this past deadline, Douglas showed that he’s not afraid to make moves. There were even many rumors surrounding star running back Le’veon Bell, who was just acquired in the offseason via free agency. However, at the end of the day, Douglas did not trade him, despite receiving offers from the Chiefs and Steelers. Bell met with the media the following day and reaffirmed his loyalty to this team, fans, and city. Bell understood that this game is a business if anything, and did a good job of recognizing that Douglas was just doing his job.

Although their star running back was nearly dealt, the biggest story coming out of the deadline lies on the other side of the ball. Fan favorite Jamal Adams was very close to being traded as well. It was reported that the Dallas Cowboys were the clear front runners for Adams. To add to the drama of the situation, it is certainly worth mentioning that Adams is from the state of Texas. And if you follow hockey or basketball, this situation would almost scream Kyrie Irving and John Tavares, who both, like Adams, have ties to New York. The reality of the situation is that Adams obviously no longer wants to be a New York Jet. To make things even worse, he said to the media that he feels as if he was stabbed in the back by Joe Douglas. The funnier part to this story, which makes Adams look even more like a clown, when Douglas met with the media he confirmed that he was in fact not shopping Adams, but simply listening to offers. In case you were wondering, the Jets wanted a package that consisted of either Zack Martin or Tyron Smith, along with draft picks for Adams. At the end of the day, after all of the drama, Jamal Adams is still a Jet.  

Well, if there’s one major thing to take away from the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline it’s that Joe Douglas is going to be a busy man this offseason. His job must include using the draft to acquire offensive linemen, signing marquee free agents to fill position holes, and maybe explore another trade involving Jamal Adams. Trading Adams would probably be a good move for the Jets organization, considering their relationship has been tarnished for the most part. Heading into the NFL’s upcoming draft, Jets fans should keep their heads high and remain hopeful, as this team still has key pieces to build around (Sam Darnold, Quinnen Williams, Le’veon Bell). But as always, it’s always a smart decision not to get TOO emotionally invested into the Jets, because they always seem to find a way to let everyone down.


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