Sam Darnold or Daniel Jones

One of the tensest debates among sports fans in New York is who is the better quarterback, Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold. Both quarterbacks were top 10 picks in their drafts and have shown some potential to be franchise quarterbacks. At the same time, Jones and Darnold have made some big mistakes, leaving a lot of room for improvement. The question of who is the better quarterback to build around for the next 15 years comes down to a couple of factors.

Factor #1: Turnovers
Both quarterbacks have had some trouble protecting the ball during their time in New York. Darnold has had 25 interceptions and 9 fumbles in his 20 starts, while Jones has had 8 interceptions and 13 fumbles in 8 starts. While Jones’ TD-Int ratio is much better than Darnold’s, Jones has had some serious problems with fumbling the ball. It’s much easier to limit fumbles than interceptions, but Jones has to show improvement in this area of the game in order to become a more consistent QB. Therefore, I would give the edge to Darnold. 

Factor #2: Passing Production
While Sam Darnold was more highly touted for his arm talent out of college, Daniel Jones has looked more impressive in the league. For his career, Jones is on pace for 9 more touchdowns and 495 more passing yards than Darnold. Jones has also impressed with his ability and willingness to throw the deep ball and take shots at the end zone, something most rookie quarterbacks are scared to do. The edge goes to Jones in this factor.

Factor #3: Mobility/ Rushing Production
The mobility of Daniel Jones has been surprising as he already has more rushing yards and the same amount of touchdowns as Darnold in 12 fewer games. Jones has also proven to be willing to run with the ball when he needs to on third down, taking 15 first downs with his legs. If he continues his pace, through 20 games, Jones will nearly double Darnold’s amount of rushing first downs. The choice here is obvious, it’s Daniel Jones.

Factor #4: Intangibles
It’s clear that both quarterbacks have gained the trust of their coaches and teammates. While Darnold is definitely above-average, Daniel Jones has lived up to expectations and has been an excellent leader. There hasn’t been one moment in any game where it has looked like Jones has given up or isn’t giving it his all. He is more consistent than Darnold and is willing to work that extra inch for the betterment of the tea,. Sam Darnold cannot be faulted for this one, but Daniel Jones has the edge here.

Both players are extremely young and have a lot of room to grow. How they improve is going to define their careers, but currently, Danny Dimes has been more impressive. He has given Giants fans hope that they haven’t had in years and has displayed the potential to be a great quarterback for years to come.


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