Three Things The Giants Need To Do This Offseason

As the season comes to a close, the Giants know that they need to make some changes. They already have addressed their cultural changes by releasing Janoris Jenkins. Here are three other things that need to happen this offseason:

Replace Pat Shurmur with Matt Rhule:

Well, where should I begin? Shurmur has shown that he cannot coach a team, let alone a team as young as the Giants, so he needs to be fired. The top candidate, and deservedly so, is Baylor HC Matt Rhule. Not only has it been reported that he’s interested in the job, but he has previously worked in the Giants organization as an offensive-line coach, which is a position the Giants desperately need help with. Furthermore, he brought a 2-10 Temple team to 10-4 and a 1-11 Baylor team to 11-2, and both only took two years. He has the resume and specialized skills the Giants need to get their franchise back in shape.


Replace James Bettcher:

Bettcher should be replaced with a competent coordinator, who has experience working with a top tier defense. My recommendation would be to interview Aaron Glenn, the Saints defensive back coach. He has consistently turned cornerbacks into starters or stars, including former Giants players. Glenn could also help with the Giants’ secondary, where the Giants have struggled immensely. Even though much of their defense is young, there is no reason, other than being poorly coached, as to why they are as bad as they are.


Start Creating The Roster Of The Future:

The Giants have bits and pieces of an NFL caliber roster, but while some of the positions have recently been filled, there are still many holes. Here is the way I see it right now:

Offense: Daniel Jones (QB), Saquon Barkley (RB), Darius Slayton (WR 1), Sterling Shepard (WR 2), Golden Tate (Slot), Evan Engram (TE1), LT, Will Hernandez (LG), C, Kevin Zeitler (RG), RT

Defense (in a 4-3 alignment): DT, Dalvin Tomlinson (NT), Dexter Lawrence (DT), Markus Golden (OLB), Ryan Connelly (ILB), ILB, OLB, Deandre Baker (CB1), CB2, CB 3 (slot), Jabrill Peppers (SS), Julian Love (FS)

For those of you wondering, that is 8 STARTING JOBS that are uncertain. I understand there are people making arguments for spots like Nick Gates and Jon Halapio on the O-line, but that still leaves too much uncertainty. Therefore, the Giants need to begin by focusing on the positions with the biggest weaknesses, like LB (Chase Young), Cornerback, and O-Line. That needs to be the priority, and should be where the Giants look in free agency and in the draft.

The bottom line:

The Giants must improve this offseason, no matter what it takes.



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