Why Kyrie Irving isn’t Living Up to the Hype

Kyrie Irving is supposed to be THAT guy. The guy who makes Brooklyn basketball relevant once again, the guy who makes the Nets the superior New York team. Well, maybe that’s Kevin Durant. But still, Kyrie Irving entered this season with the opportunity to prove that he can still lead a team into contention, while showing he can be a good locker-room guy and an effective leader. Unfortunately, Kyrie Irving has failed miserably while trying to accomplish this goal.

You would think that coming to a new team, Kyrie would do everything in his power to make things work with the players, coaches, and media. At the beginning of the season, it seemed as if he was doing exactly that. He even received great praise from coach Kenny Aktinson on his attitude and play on the court. One thing that was not in his control was a shoulder injury that sidelined him for three months. Upon his recent return, Nets fans were excited that he would finally be the player everyone hoped and imagined. They couldn’t wait to see their star player back in action, and for the Nets to get back on track after some tough losses.

Well, the Nets have gone 1-3 since Kyrie Irving’s return. Sure, those losses came against some pretty good clubs in the Utah Jazz, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Philadelphia 76ers, but the main issue is Irving’s comments. Following his 3rd game back in an 11-point loss to the 76ers, Irving said, “collectively, I feel like we have great pieces. But it’s pretty glaring we need one more piece or two more pieces that will complement myself, KD [Kevin Durant], DJ [Deandre Jordan], GT [Garret Temple], Spence [Dinwiddie], Caris [Levert], and we’ll see how that evolves.” Kyrie also had something to say about the younger pieces of this Nets team, stating, “we have complementary young guys as well that have done a great job the last three years.” For a star player and leader to come back after missing the last three months and specifically name players that he feels are more valuable is utterly disgraceful. No player should ever address the media in the manner he has. These comments have shown how little Kyrie has learned over the years, as he continues to create unnecessary outside noise. How does this make Jarrett Allen and Joe Harris feel about their future?

Considering both players have been busting their asses off, they probably did not take this comment lightly. No matter how much they reassure the media there are no hard feelings, it has to be noted that Allen and Harris are professionals. They do not want to draw any extra attention to the organization.


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