Why Joe Judge was the Right Choice

When I first heard that Joe Judge was the Giants’ new head coach,  I said “who’s that”. Upon finding out, I looked him up and found out he was a special teams coordinator and receivers coach for the Patriots, a team with one of the worst receiving corps in the league. I mean Matt Rhule, Josh McDaniels, Eric Bieniemy were all potential hires and we couldn’t even get an average offensive or defensive coordinator. But then I decided, I’m not going to judge him blindly. I looked into the the people he worked with, the jobs he had, his press conference, and his assistant coaching hires. After doing this I now have hope, and there are many reasons why you should have hope as well.

The first reason that Joe Judge could be the head coach the giants needed was his previous jobs. In Judge we’re looking at a man who has worked with two of the most revered football coaches in the world. He had the ability to study under Nick Saban, a six time national championship winner, and Bill Belichick, a six time Super Bowl winner. If anyone knows how a winning football team is run, it is Joe Judge.

The second reason Judge should give you hope is his previous jobs. Judge has experience coaching linebackers, receivers, and special teams. He knows what it takes to coach in all three  phases of the game. While going from special teams coordinator to head coach is an unconventional route, we’ve seen it be successful before. John Harbaugh, a Super Bowl winning coach, was a special teams coordinator before getting his promotion. Special teams coordinators get an unmatchable view at the game on both sides as they are not forced to spend all their time with one unit.

The third reason why I believe Judge was the right hire is his interviews and press conference. There was something about Judge that stood out to me in the way he spoke and the things he said. He commanded the room and made sure he let everyone know that he had control. He showed appreciation for the opportunity of being a head coach for the Giants, but he definitely didn’t seem overwhelmed. He knew what he wanted with clarity and he had a plan set in place for what he wanted to do with the team. He said he is “going to make sure we are fundamentally sound, we are situationally aware, and that we play with a relentless effort.” Most importantly, he showed that he can be a leader. Nowadays, we get blown away by the offensive masterminds who can draw up x’s and o’s, but it’s the leaders who win year in and year out.

The last reason that I have faith in Judge is his assistant coaching hires. While Jason Garrett isn’t a flashy pick at offensive coordinator, he is a man who was a head coach for ten years with a winning record, two playoff wins, and a reputation of being a good offensive mind. Judge can use a former head coach to guide him during his first couple of seasons. Judge also hired Patrick Graham, the defensive coordinator with the Miami Dolphins last season. The Dolphins did not have a good defense last season, but Graham showed the ability to make it work despite coaching arguably the least defensive talent in the league. Other hires include Marc Colombo, Freddie Kitchens, and Bret Bielema, three great coaches with a lot of experience. Judge has a coaching staff that is prepared to help him lead a winning team.


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