What to Do About Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton was traded from the Marlins to the Yankees after the 2017 season and barely gave up anything of value. Both sides wanted the deal to happen, and it was a fantastic deal. In his first season with the club, Stanton played 158 games and was one of the most important players, and he even played through injury. With even higher expectations for 2019, he failed to live up to them due to injuries. In 2019, Stanton injured himself early in the season and only ended up playing 18 games. He was back near the end of the season and played in a postseason game but injured himself again.

This year, Stanton suffered a Grade 1 calf strain during workouts and is likely to miss opening day. So what does this mean for the Yankees?

Well, this is a massive problem since the Yankees have already lost Severino, Hicks, Paxton, Judge, and German to start the season. They need Judge and Stanton back as fast as possible, but they can’t rush them. If they are rushed back, the injuries can get worse, and they could be out longer when the Yankees need them the most. Since their main starting outfield pieces are most likely out for opening day, multiple players are getting shots in spring training. Brett Gardner and Mike Tauchman seem like locks to start, and Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar will battle it out for the other job. Even when Stanton and Judge return, they will most likely get more DH shifts before they are back in the field. Throughout the season, the Yankees could opt to have Stanton DH most days because they want him to stay healthy. While this hurts Stanton’s value, they want his bat in the lineup every day because when healthy, he is one of the best players in the league.

One huge concern with the team is that their injuries just keep getting worse instead of better. This year was supposed to be the competing year, but with half the rotation out and injuries always occurring, it may be difficult to contend. If Stanton is out long-term, the Yankees may not be the powerhouse in their division. If the Yankees want a ring this season, they’ll need to keep their players healthy.


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